• Anti Climb Fence Export to USA.

    Anti Climb Fence Export to USA.

    Anti climb fence is a much more secure barrier than the common 358 mesh fence. It has the same wire thickness as 358 fence, but the size of mesh opening pattern is smaller. The intruder can not climb up with fingers and toes, and conventional bolts or wire-cutters have n...
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  • Introduction of Soundproof blankets

    Soundproof blankets are used to absorb sound and reduce noise by creating a sound barrier. Also known as sound barrier curtains, these sound barrier blankets can be suspended from portable frames, floor mounted frames, or attached to your ceiling to serve as a dividing wall between machine noise ...
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  • Noise impact on your life

    Noise impact on your life

    In our times, noise is high among those pollution sources that most impair our quality of life. Ever more traffic, engendered by continually developing mobility, further aggravates the nuisance.   Measures to shield us from such environmental burdens are thus assuming increasing and crucial impo...
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  • Solar serve anytime, anywhere

    Solar serve anytime, anywhere

    The perfect combination of photovoltaic power generation and carport is one of the application of BIPV photovoltaic building integration. JINBIAO photovoltaic carport products can not only realize all the functions of traditional carports, but also bring steady green power generation benefits to ...
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  • JINBIAO Noise Barrier

    JINBIAO Noise Barrier

    Noise Barrier, also called acoustic walls/ sound barriers. mainly used for noise isolation and reduction of highways, subway,+ expressways, railway, elevated composite roads and other noise sources. It can divided into the reflection type sound barrier of pure sound insulation, and the compound s...
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  • Jinbiao Sound barrier

    Jinbiao Sound barrier

    Uphold the “integrity and quality commercial principles coexistence, with rich strength, reasonable price, excellent service and many enterprises established long-term cooperative relations.   In our times, noise is high among those pollution sources that most impair our quality of lif...
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  • Solar photovoltaic carport

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  • Chain link fences

    Chain link fences are made from galvanised or green PVC coated steel wire, woven into a zig zag pattern to create the familiar and popular diamond shaped fence. This type of fence is available commonly in heights varying between three and twelve feet. The reason chain link fencing is so popular i...
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  • JINBIAO mounting system

    JINBIAO mounting system, with strong wind load and snow load resistance. The system can achieve minor adjustment onsite with special design of Anchor Plate to adapt to different sites, and is mainly applied to medium to large scale solar PV projects. Patented and certified system design ensure pr...
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  • Sound barriers

    Sound barriers are mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction of roads, highways, elevated composite roads and other noise sources. It is divided into reflective sound barriers for pure sound insulation, and composite sound barriers for sound absorption and sound insulation. The latter ...
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  • Overview Of Photovoltaic Support

      Solar energy is one of the most important and abundant basic energy in all kinds of renewable energy. At present, the utilization of solar energy is mainly realized through the conversion of light heat, light electricity, light chemistry and light biomass. The development and utilization proces...
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  • JINBIAO mounting system,

    Today our modern world needs energy for various day to day applications such as industrial manufacturing, heating, transport, agricultural, lightning applications, etc. Most of our energy need is usually satisfied by non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, crude oil, natural gas, etc. But t...
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