Anti Climb Fence Export to USA.

Anti climb fence is a much more secure barrier than the common 358 mesh fence. It has the same wire thickness as 358 fence, but the size of mesh opening pattern is smaller. The intruder can not climb up with fingers and toes, and conventional bolts or wire-cutters have no way to cut the anti climb fencing.
Anti-climbing fence has more rigid double vertical wire welding structure, which makes it difficult to cross. Anti-climb rigid mesh fencing has the advantages of anti-climbing, anti-cutting, anti-corrosion, and good viewing visibility. Combined with the fence top of razor barbed wire, security fence spikes, or tooth spikes, it becomes a ideal high-security fencing for high-end applications, such as, prisons, military and power facilities.
Anti-climbing fence is also known as Anti Cut Fence. The fence is designed to make it very difficult to cut through the panel with simple hand tools. With wire thickness of 4mm and spacing of 75mm x 12.5mm, intruders can never cut off the fence.

A batch of anti climb fence has finised and ready to ship to USA. Let’s share some photos.

22.11 (5)
22.11 (3)
22.11 (4)
22.11 (2)
22.11 (1)

Post time: Nov-22-2022

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