Can the sound barrier of the sound barrier be installed at low temperatures?

Can the sound barrier of the sound barrier be installed at low temperatures? I will explain it to you below.

Temporary Sound Barrier Fence (19)

Sound barrier

The sound barrier consists of a plurality of steel column frames with “industrial” grooves and a plurality of sound absorbing and insulating unit plates. The sound-insulating unit plate is mounted in the “industrial” of two adjacent steel column frames, characterized in that the sound absorbing and insulating unit plates are fixed by a limiting member provided in the “industrial” groove, and the limiting member comprises: Fixings, supports and limiters. The fixing member and the supporting member form an angle steel structure, and the fixing member is parallel and fixed to the bottom end surface of the “I, I” groove, and is fixed at the bottom end surface of the “I, I” groove, and the supporting member is parallel with the side end surface of the “Working” groove to support the suction. The acoustic unit board; the limiting member is fixed on the support member, and forms a limiting slot with the supporting member and one end surface of the “working” slot. The sound absorbing sound insulation unit board is fixed in the limit groove.

There is also a sound-absorbing screen body loading and unloading workers, which are not allowed to fall, and are not allowed to be loaded by a forklift. In heavy-duty transportation, the screen must be protected from pressure. Some accessories need to be installed in the sack to prevent; when the vehicle is transported, the pillars, The sound absorbing screen, the soundproof screen and the support bar are surrounded by marijuana, and the reflective screen is fixed by the fixed frame.


Seasonal issues should be considered during the installation process. In the case of low temperatures, the mortar should be filled with a heating device, and the cooling device should be used at high temperatures. If the wind is large during installation, windproof measures should be taken to ensure that the columns and partitions are horizontal and vertical. Meet the requirements; the installation and construction personnel should go to the site to conduct unified supervision, do a good job in safety precautions, and do a good job in construction coordination; when transporting and handling various materials, attention should be paid to protecting the materials to avoid damage to the relevant coatings and affecting their waterproof and anti-corrosion functions. 


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