Community pc endurance board sound barrier

PC endurance board is a transparent sound insulation board commonly used in sound barrier engineering. In the sound barrier engineering, especially in the urban community sound barrier engineering, not only the sound insulation effect of the sound insulation board is required, but also the landscape effect and visual transparency are pursued ( The transparency of the PC endurance board is good. Therefore, the general cell sound insulation adopts the cell PC endurance board sound barrier.

The combined transparent sound barrier is that the middle part is transparent glass, which not only plays the role of sound insulation but also does not affect the daylighting. The sound barrier is simple to install and fast in construction, and has been well received by many customers.
Combined transparent sound barrier material:
Metal sound absorbing panels and polycarbonate (pc board) or laminated glass can also be customized according to customer needs or drawings.
Main applications of combined sound barriers: urban roads, viaducts, highways, railways, rail transit, residential quarters, etc.;


Characteristics of the transparent sound barrier:

1. The transparent sound barrier is beautiful, the light transmission is good, and the line of sight is unobstructed;

2. The price of the transparent sound barrier is higher than the price of the metal sound barrier;

The sound barrier of the community generally does not require aesthetics, as long as it can meet the noise reduction requirements. The important point is that the price is high. So consider the practical application and cost issues when purchasing.


Post time: Oct-10-2019

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