Do you know the little secrets of the sound barrier?

The general principles for the selection of sound barrier materials produced by sound barrier manufacturers are reliable structure, long service life, good noise reduction performance, economical material price, durability, low installation cost, coordinated landscape, elegant appearance, etc. Let’s take a look together:


Sound barrier manufacturers


(1) Large sound insulation: The average sound insulation should not be less than 35dB;


(2) High sound absorption coefficient: The average sound absorption coefficient should not be less than 0.84;


(3) Weathering durability: The product should have water resistance, heat resistance, and will not reduce performance or quality abnormality due to rain temperature changes. The products are made of aluminum alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, and H steel column.


(4) Beautiful: You can choose a variety of colors and shapes to combine and coordinate with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape.


(5) Economy: Prefabricated construction can improve work efficiency and shorten construction time, which can save construction costs and labor costs.

(6) Convenient: Install in parallel with other products, easy to maintain, and easy to update.


(7) Lightweight: The sound-absorbing board series products have the characteristics of light weight and light weight, which can reduce the load-bearing load of the elevated light rail and elevated road, and reduce the structural cost.


(8) Fire protection: Ultra-fine glass wool is used. Because of its high melting point and non-combustibility, it fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection regulations.


(9) Waterproof and dustproof: The material is designed with full consideration of waterproof and dustproof, and its sound absorption performance will not be affected in the environment of flying dust or rain. The structure has set up dust drainage and drainage measures to avoid water accumulation inside the components. The sound absorption performance of the micro-perforated resonance cavity is not affected in the rain, and the noise reduction is particularly obvious for low and medium frequencies.


(10) Durable: The product design of the sound barrier manufacturer has fully considered the wind load of the road. The products are made of aluminum alloy coil, galvanized coil, glass wool, and H steel column. During the warranty period, it will not be corroded, unchanged, sound absorption, and sound insulation will not be reduced.

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