Highway noise barrier practice?

noise barrier

(1) How to install highway noise barriers?Highway sound barriers are mainly composed of steel pillars and sound insulation boards. The pillar is the main stress component of the sound barrier. It is fixed to the edge of the road by bolts or welding and fixed to the wall or rail embedded in steel plates. The sound insulation components are fixed in H-shaped column grooves with high-strength spring pliers to form a sound insulation barrier.

(2) How to buy highway noise barriers?Search the relevant keywords through the Internet, get the search results, and contact the manufacturer. For more detailed purchasing methods, refer to “How to choose the right one for sound barrier manufacturers.”

(3) Does the highway need to be installed with sound insulation barriers?This needs to be decided according to the actual situation. For more information, click “When will the highway set up a sound barrier?”

(4) What is the highway noise barrier made of?Generally used are metal, cement, transparent plate, aluminum plate, etc., which can be used alone or as a combination.Summary: The above is the interpretation of “highway noise barrier practice?”

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Post time: Mar-03-2020

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