How many types of sound barriers are there?

There are many styles for the sound barrier now, but we share them mainly in terms of material, shape, and appearance. Let’s take a look.

noise Barrier-2.png

(1) sound barrier material
Includes: metal material, fiberglass material, color steel plate, PC board, aluminum foam, aluminum plate. Because we used to share: what kinds of sound barriers? Click for details.
(2) pore type: micropore sound barrier, louver sound barrier.
(3) appearance: bent at the top, vertical, irregular, etc.
Having said some of the above, we continue to show that the above three types can be combined at will, and different combinations can produce a new sound barrier style, and with the development of cities, customized sound barriers increase. All kinds of shapes. Let me show you some of them. Thank you for reading. If you have any problem with sound barrier, please consult our online customer service.


Post time: Feb-12-2020

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