JINBIAO Noise Barrier

Noise Barrier, also called acoustic walls/ sound barriers. mainly used for noise isolation and reduction of highways, subway,+ expressways, railway, elevated composite roads and other noise sources. It can divided into the reflection type sound barrier of pure sound insulation, and the compound sound barrier of sound absorption and sound insulation. The latter is a more effective sound insulation method.

It refers to the wall structures installed on the side of railways and highways to reduce the impact of traffic noise on nearby residents.

Noise barrier is a device inserted between the source and the receiver so that the sound wave propagation has a significant additional attenuation, thus reducing the impact of noise in a certain area where the receiver is located.

It is divided into traffic noise barrier, industrial plant boundary noise barrier, equipment noise reduction noise barrier, highway used noise barriers. Or other places needs noise reduction.

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We also developed new design for the noise barrier which combined the solar panels together with the noise reduction function. It is green environmental protection, welcomed by clients all over the world.

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Post time: Sep-27-2022

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