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Common types of sound barriers are metal, non-metal, transparent combination, top arc, top Angle, enclosed, etc.The designers of Jinbiao company will make the best plan according to the local conditions and obtain the best effect with the minimum cost. Hereby, Hebei Jinbiao sound barrier for you to organize “How to classify the sound barrier?What are the categories of sound barriers?”This article is for you to better understand the classification of outdoor sound barriers.

At present, the common sound barrier on the market is mainly made of metal sound barrier (metal louver, metal screen mesh), color steel sound barrier, PC sound barrier, sawdust sound barrier and so on.

Noise barrier is the most often used on the roads and railways noise protection device, at present, in the place where the noise pollution widely used, however, the sound barrier material is more, different location and the environment and the need of sound barrier material also different, today, the fixed manufacturer of noise barrier, and be detailed explain for everybody different material function and purpose of the noise barrier.

1. Metal sound barrier

The noise reduction effect of metal sound barrier is closely related to the frequency component of noise. The noise reduction effect of metal sound barrier is better for high frequency sound greater than 2000Hz than for medium frequency sound about 800-1000Hz, but for low frequency sound about 25Hz.The effect is poor because sound waves have long wavelengths and are easily diffused over the barrier.Generally, the metal sound barrier can reduce the high frequency sound by l0-15dB.The height of the metal sound barrier can be designed according to the distance between the sound source and the receiving point. If the height of the metal sound barrier is doubled, the noise reduction amount can be increased by 6dB. In order to achieve a better noise reduction effect, the metal sound barrier should be as close as possible to the sound source or the receiving point.


2. Color steel sound barrier

Color steel sound barrier is an increasing number of sound barrier materials in high speed, color steel plate sound barrier is mainly composed of steel column and color steel screen body plate, screen body plate is mainly internal foam sandwich as sound absorbing material, external is two layers of color steel plate, can be a variety of colors, blue, white and so on;Often color steel plate sound barrier and galvanized sound barrier mutual combination, sound absorption and sound insulation combination, better effect!


3. PC sound barrier

The sound insulation effect of PC endurance plate is 3-4dB higher than glass. The first choice of transparent noise insulation material for noise barrier, PC endurance plate has been widely used in the sound barrier engineering such as the sound barrier of expressway, viaduct, expressway, railway, rail transit, high-speed rail, and residential sound barrier.


Post time: Dec-10-2020

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