New type of sound barrier sample display

While ensuring the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of the sound barrier, the style of the sound barrier is also constantly enriched. Here are several new sound barriers with novel shapes:

1.Top cylindrical sound barrier

This kind of sound barrier is different from other sound barriers in the design of the top, different from the common vertical or bending shape, cylinder type is obviously more novel. The middle part of it is a large acrylic plate, and the bottom part is a metal sound barrier. This shape is mostly used on highways, and the overall appearance is generou

2.Fully enclosed sound barrier

This type of sound barrier is more common in the shape of a door arch to achieve a fully enclosed effect. The vertical part of the lower part adopts the metal screen body, and the upper arch part uses the metal screen body. The overall design is rigorous, and the production and construction are difficult. However, the sound insulation effect is remarkable, which is mostly used for bridges or subways.

3.Triangular cone shaped sound barrier.

The top part of this sound barrier is a unique triangular cone shape, which is composed of micro-holes and louver shape together. The middle part is a whole large PC board, the bottom part is the normal louver shape. This kind of noise barrier is common on railways.

With the improvement of our technology, we will continue to develop more diverse shapes to choose. If customers have design drawings, we can also study and make them together.

Post time: Oct-20-2020

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