Noise impact on your life

In our times, noise is high among those pollution sources that most impair our quality of life. Ever more traffic, engendered by continually developing mobility, further aggravates the nuisance.

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Measures to shield us from such environmental burdens are thus assuming increasing and crucial importance.

JINBIAO has been researched, produced the noise barriers for over 10years. We have developed various kind of noise barriers to protect your quite environment.

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JINBIAO noise barrier has an excellent reduce noise performance, sound transmission class 37decibel and noise reduction coefficient 0.97.  All of them test by TUV certificate.

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JINBIAO products have passed ISO9001 certificate of quality management system, occupational health and safety management system certificate, environmental management system certificate. Besides, JINBIAO has also set up a special quality inspection team to ensure that all products are well-qualified.

JINBIAO products sell well both at home and abroad with outstanding quality and favorable price.

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Post time: Oct-21-2022

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