What are the meanings of different highway sound barrier colors?

Colors are everywhere in life, and there are more and more places for highway sound barriers. So what are the meanings of different highway sound barrier colors? Let me show you below:

noise barrier

Highway sound barrier
Expressway sound barriers also have a certain impact on the passengers and passengers. For example, blue and green make people feel fresh. The selection of high-speed sound barrier colors should blend with the surrounding scenery. For example, green can blend with high-speed green belts. The setting where the time is, there are also factors that should be considered when paying attention to the visual fatigue of the driver and crew. Generally, the neutral color of gray can reduce the suddenness of the sound barrier, and the color is neutral and gentle.

For residents near the highway sound barrier, the full color of the high-speed sound barrier should be based on reducing the sense of depression and integrating into the surrounding scene as much as possible. It can also contact the local residents’ cultural habits or elements of local construction characteristics to use the highway sound. The barrier arrives in harmony with the surrounding scene.

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