What environmental factors need to be considered when designing a sound barrier?

What environmental factors need to be considered when designing a sound barrier? Today, the manufacturers of sound barriers will give you a detailed introduction: When designing sound barriers, in addition to considering acoustics, structure, foundation and other factors, we should also pay attention to the landscape design that is compatible with the local environment.

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Many in the construction of sound barriers, in addition to meeting the requirements of noise reduction,
special attention is also paid to the shape and color design of the sound barrier. The German “Code for
Design and Supplementary Technical Regulations of Highway Sound Barriers” requires the design of sound
barriers from an aesthetic point of view. It is recommended that design drawings, photographic clips and
modeling drawings be drawn during the design in order to obtain the stereoscopic impression of the sound
barrier. The barrier and landscape can be coordinated In terms of design options.

In the design of sound barriers, it should be measured according to the background in which the sound
barriers are located, and the landscape design requirements, economics, etc. to be achieved by roads,
railways, and communities. The following principles should generally be followed:

1) It must not affect the acoustic performance of the sound barrier.

2) Avoid causing or minimizing visual pollution.

3) Try to integrate with the surrounding landscape.

4) Consider economy and ease of maintenance.

Post time: Mar-20-2020

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