What is the effect of the form of the sound barrier on sound attenuation?

The improvement of social development economy has also caused noise impact on most residents. Therefore, many friends began to install sound barriers to sound insulation. So how does the form of sound barrier affect sound attenuation? The following sound barrier manufacturers take you to know:


When installing the sound barrier, the horizontal position of the sound barrier should be as close as possible to the sound source. This will not only help to increase the shadow area of ​​the sound barrier, but also improve the sound attenuation. The shadow area of ​​the sound barrier when it is closer to the sound source is larger than the distance from the sound source (other conditions are unchanged).

The higher the sound barrier, the larger the invisible area and the greater the attenuation of the sound. This is obvious, but the sound barrier is too high, which may bring many problems such as structure, environment and cost, so the sound barrier itself is not It is recommended to build too high. When designing the sound barrier, it should be adapted to the local conditions, use the topography and landform to improve the effective height of the search, and obtain better results at the lowest cost.

高速公路声屏障24In general, when the sound source is at a higher position and the receiving area is lower, the sound barrier has a better attenuation effect on the sound, such as setting a sound barrier on an elevated highway or an overpass, at this time due to the use of the highway and the overpass itself. Height to improve the effective noise reduction of the sound barrier, can increase the shadow area of ​​the sound barrier, the shape of the sound barrier should adopt the inverted L-shaped T-shaped arc and other shapes with the subject to enhance the sound insulation.

The form of the sound barrier also has a great influence on the effect of sound attenuation. If a provocation is extended toward the sound source at the top of the sound barrier, it is equivalent to moving the entire sound barrier toward the sound source, which can effectively increase the shadow area. Depth and area, which is not a sound source too close to the sound source, which is a very effective method on both sides of the road, and is also a very common method.

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