What is the sound insulation of the sound barrier?

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Speaking of the sound barrier, everyone should be familiar with it. As a road guard, it is built on the noise source or on both sides of the road. When the noise is transmitted to the sound barrier, it will be bounced and will absorb a part. Then the sound barrier is mainly based on what sound absorption. What? Today, the sound barrier manufacturers will tell you about it.


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1. Glass wool
Centrifugal glass wool is a kind of thermal insulation material that emerged in the 1980s. It is a member of the glass fiber family. It uses international advanced centrifugal blowing technology to fibrillate the molten glass and spray it with thermosetting resin. The material is then thermally cured.


Glass wool is mainly made of quartz sand, feldspar, sodium silicate, boric acid, etc., which are made of high-temperature melting glass fiber cotton.


Product characteristics of glass sound-absorbing cotton: light weight, high sound absorption coefficient, good flame retardant performance and very good chemical stability, and it is moisture-proof.


2. Aluminum fiber


The aluminum fiber sound absorbing panel is a metal type sound absorbing material which is formed by a double-sided aluminum mesh net sandwiching the aluminum fiber felt and the aluminum foil. It has excellent sound absorption function, high tensile strength, light material, convenient transportation and good weather resistance.


Aluminum fiber has the following characteristics:


Ultra-thin material: The thickness of the aluminum fiber sound absorbing panel is generally between 0.8-2mm, and the density of the board surface is 1.4-3.2kg/m2. Easy to transport because of its small size and light weight


1. The 35mm thick noise reduction coefficient is 0.7, and the 1.8mm thick noise reduction coefficient is 0.9.


Decorative: The board can be painted in various colors, the color is very beautiful, with decorative effect and sound absorption.


Convenient processing: The aluminum plate can be processed very well, easy to drill, bend and cut. When the construction is carried out, there will be no fiber dust scattering and polluting the environment and affecting the health of workers.


2, foam aluminum


Aluminum foam is made of pure aluminum or added with additives in aluminum alloy. It is foamed and has both metal and foaming characteristics.


The foam aluminum plate has a very good sound absorbing function, the average sound absorption coefficient is not more than 0.64, and the noise reduction coefficient is between NRCO.75, which is very good for the traffic noise mainly based on the medium and low frequency, and is superior to other kinds of sound absorbing materials. The surface of the foamed aluminum can be self-cleaning after rain, without affecting the acoustic performance.

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