Why is the noise reduction effect not so good after setting the sound barrier?

noise barrier
At present, with the economic development, the development of traffic and the pollution of traffic noise to the environment, we have to face this moment. Setting up a sound barrier is a common method of controlling traffic noise. However, we found that after installing many noise barriers, it did not play a good role in reducing noise, and even affected the coordination and aesthetics of the local environment. Where is the reason? Today, the sound barrier manufacturers will introduce them in detail:

Sound barrier manufacturers

JINBIAO found through many years of research on the sound barrier market that many current sound barrier manufacturers, design units, etc., did not really consider the surrounding environment when they were designing the sound barrier. The design has become a mere sale and purchase relationship.

So, what factors should we consider when designing a sound barrier? The first thing we have to consider is, what is the current decibel level? How much noise do we need to reduce? With a clear target value, it is necessary to start considering the relationship between the noise source and the receiving point, including factors such as highway width, building height, and distance. Then calculate the height of the sound barrier and the structure used according to the theoretical formula.

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Post time: Jan-03-2020

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