Highway all – metal micro – hole sound barrier.

The real pixel of the installation case of sound barrier is 600X400 hd map. The sound barrier installed in this section is an all-metal micropore sound barrier. The top and bottom are gray and the middle is blue. The purpose of installing the sound barrier here is to prevent the noise of cars on the expressway from affecting the surrounding residents.


The height of the sound barrier plate is 3 meters. The metal micro-hole sound barrier is mainly used for better sound insulation. The upper part is bent to prevent noise leakage. The above two screens cannot be seen clearly on the screen surface because the small holes in the micropore sound barrier are too small. The following image is a close-up shot of the micropores on the sound barrier panel.

Through the above picture, we can not only see the upper micropore sound barrier, but also see a circle of micropore sound barrier in the following connection picture, so as to ensure that the noise does not leak from the lower part, and the residents around a quiet living environment.



Post time: Feb-10-2020

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