Specialization: We has advanced automatic production line and production equipment, production capacity and product quality are among the top of this industry. JINBIAO has specialized, large-scale production strength, sound barriers can be reach 5000 m2 per day, H-beam 8000 posts and mesh fence 18 kilometers, barbed wire 20 tons per day. Our company have cooperated with CCCC, CSCEC, CREC etc well-known enterprises and institutions established a good relations of cooperation, recognized by the customer the consistent product quality. JINBIAOs products in the market hold a leading position.


Quintessence: Our technology department has 750 m2 of technology research and development, test lab and offices, more than 100 sets of inspection equipment, 40 sets testing equipment, 35 people professional researchers. We have digital display hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, automatic electrostatic powder spray system etc research and development production equipment, and has four advanced automated production line, ensure the product quality and quality. JINBIAO through the quality management system as well as the health, safety and environmental management system certification, continuous specification product production management processes, product quality is recognized by customers, customer satisfaction is high, now has two new products at the provincial level: famous brand products (sound barriers), another high quality products in Hebei province (mesh fence).


Particularly: We have been committed to the innovation research of new products, continuously explore technical flaws in the engineering construction, the team constantly optimize the product process, meet the market demand. Company has independent research and development department, equipped with professional research and development personnel, r&d spending accounts for the proportion of sales revenue each year more than 4%, ensures the normal conduct of research and development activities. In order to protect the enterprise’s core technology, the ownership of the company now has 15 patents, of which 14 utility model patents, patents of appearance, 1 invention patent in the review stage, patent technology implementation and application in the production fully.


New: We attaches great importance to carry out the integration of information and industrialization of research and development projects, and actively seek cooperation with research institutes at home and abroad, to further promote the flow of the products, technology, talent and fusion and development base, cooperative development projects, training, consulting means such as communication, improve the level of enterprise technology innovation ability and the core technology. In the aspect of information construction, the company vigorously promote information construction process technology department, one for internal management innovation. According to the research and development activities, the company established a r&d project topics and project, research and development, production, sales in the integration of information platform, through the information platform, the market, technical research and development, production, sales contract and in all aspects of the financial information to collect, communicate and demonstrate, so as to realize the remote instantaneous exchange of information, greatly save the production, research and development of management time, has been realized Information sharing, saving the cost and improve the efficiency of the office.

Post time: Dec-30-2021

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