Alibaba gold products sincere enterprise certification

Recently, we accepted a corporate certification inspection from the Alibaba foreign trade platform.

This is a regular job once a year,mainly to confirm the scale of the factory,whether the environment is consistent with the description on the website,are the qualification certificates complete,Refuse to deceive.

Hebei JINBIAO, as a leader in the Wire Mesh Fence and Sound Barrier industry, actively cooperated with the platform certification and completed the certification process for the factory in July.

1.Company product certification

Our main products are divided into 3 categories, wire mesh fence, sound barrier and geogrid.


2.Production workshop shooting

Our workshop has a clear division of production: raw material area, production area, surface treatment area and packing area.


43.Enterprise qualification certification

Our company has passed ISO inspection and environmental protection quality inspection, etc., and meets import and export requirements, and the product quality is guaranteed.

We, Hebei JINBIAO, as experts in the production of guardrails and sound barriers,started producing guardrails in 1986, and began producing sound barriers in 2008, and went on the market in 2014.With a registered capital of up to 101 million RMB, it is a company with strong strength. If you want to buy sound barriers and guardrail products from China, Hebei JINBIAO is your best choice.

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Post time: Aug-13-2020

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