Chain link fence

Chain link fence is also called diamond fence,because the mesh looks like a diamond.

The material of the chain link fence can be stainless steel, can be galvanized, and can also be PVC coated.

The advantages of the chain link fence are Uniform mesh, not easy to corrode, and strong practicability.

Ok,let’s see some details!


We are manufacturer for the chain link fences, so all the specifactions can be made as your project request.

Below are some different connection ways you can choose from.


This kind of fence is widely used for sports ground, airport, boundary, highway, etc…, we can add barbed wire or razor barbed wire on the top of the fence to increase the security founction.


We also can make gates which can match the fence, single swing gate and double swing gates, etc…


What are you waiting for, contact us for more details.

Post time: Apr-08-2021

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