Chain link fences

Chain link fences are made from galvanised or green PVC coated steel wire, woven into a zig zag pattern to create the familiar and popular diamond shaped fence. This type of fence is available commonly in heights varying between three and twelve feet.

The reason chain link fencing is so popular is mostly due to its relative low cost and the ease of which it can be installed. A handy person could install a chain-link fence themselves without too much trouble using a how-to guide, and without needing to hire a professional fencer. Usually concrete and angle iron are the posts used with chain link, but timber posts can be used too, if preferred. It also, being a transparent style of fence, does not block out sunlight, and the open style makes it ideal for particularly windy and exposed areas.

Chain link is a very versatile fence in its function; it is frequently used for security, animal enclosures, gardens, sporting grounds and much more!


Types of Chain Link Fencing

Galvanised or pvc coated, green and black color are widely used. The majority of chain link has a 50mm mesh size but others are available with 45mm used commonly for tennis courts.

It is sold by its height of the link and the diameter of the wire:

Galvanised: Normally 2.5mm or 3mm

Pvc coated: Measured in the diameter of the outer and the inner core. Normally 2.5/1.7mm or 3.15/2.24mm

Widely used heights from 900mm to 1800mm in 15m rolls, others are available as clients’ request.



Post time: Jul-01-2022

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