Inclined Single-shaft Photovoltaic Supporting Bracket


· Fewer parts,Higher reliability

· Adapt to ultra-high power

· Adapt to high speed area

· Steep-slope tolerance to 25% grade NS

As there is always an angle between the vertical line of the flat single-shaft tracking panel and the solar rays and the angle is large in high latitudes, the installation efficiency of inclined single-shaft photovoltaic supporting bracket is not higher than that of fixed inclined supporting bracket. In order to increase the efficiency of the battery panel, the rotating shaft of the battery panel can be installed obliquely to reduce the angle between the vertical line of the panel and solar rays. The shaft body faces the south, and the photovoltaic modules rotate with the intensity of the light. Each battery array has its own rotating shaft. The rotating axis is on a plane perpendicular to the ground and has an included angle with the ground. The rotating axis is basically parallel to the ground axis. The rotating shaft is installed on the supporting bracket, and the battery arrays can rotate on its own rotating shaft. The rotation is controlled by solar tracking control device so that the vertical plane of the battery panel rotating shaft is parallel to solar rays.


The inclined single-shaft is suitable for areas with latitudes higher than 30 degrees. It compensates the latitude angle through the inclination angle of the rotating shaft, and then tracks the solar altitude angle in the direction of the rotating shaft, so as to better increase the photovoltaic generating capacity. Generally, compared with the fixed supporting bracket, its generating capacity can be increased by 25% to 35%.

Post time: May-14-2022

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