JINBIAO mounting system

JINBIAO mounting system, with strong wind load and snow load resistance. The system can achieve minor adjustment onsite with
special design of Anchor Plate to adapt to different sites, and is mainly applied
to medium to large scale solar PV projects. Patented and certified system design ensure projects safety and quick installation.

We will provide 10-year quality warranty and 5-year product warranty.


Product name Solar tracker single axis
Material Hot dip galvanized,Stainless steel
Wind load 60m/s
Snow load 1.5KN/
Feature Quick Installation
Type PV System Structure


Today our modern world needs energy for various day to day applications such as industrial manufacturing, heating, transport, agricultural, lightning applications, etc. Most of our energy need is usually satisfied by non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, crude oil, natural gas, etc. But the utilization of such resources has caused a heavy impact on our environment.

Also, this form of energy resource is not uniformly distributed on the earth. There is an uncertainty of market prices such as in the case of crude oil as it depends on production and extraction from its reserves. Due to the limited availability of non-renewable sources, the demand for renewable sources has grown in recent years.

Solar energy has been at the center of attention when it comes to renewable energy sources. It is readily available in an abundant form and has the potential to meet our entire planet’s energy requirement. The solar standalone PV system is one of the approaches when it comes to fulfilling our energy demand independent of the utility. Hence in the following, we will see briefly the planning, designing, and installation of a standalone solar mounting system for electricity generation.


Post time: Jun-27-2022

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