Jinbiao with the “Specialized, Special, and New” Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Honor Title.

On January 1, 2021, the Hengshui Industrial and Information Technology Bureau released the list of “Specialized, Special, and New” enterprises. Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd. stood out among many participating companies due to its industry specialization, technological innovation, and refined services. It was awarded the title of “Specialized, Special, and New” Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Honor of Hebei Province for 2021, marking another achievement for Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd. in enhancing its independent innovation and research and development capabilities.

Established in 2005, Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd. has a registered capital of 101 million yuan and is located in Anping County, Hengshui City. It operates in the manufacturing industry and its main products include sound barriers, guardrails, geogrids, photovoltaic steel structures, etc.

Over the past 20 years, the company has grown into a comprehensive transportation safety material supply enterprise integrating product design, production, installation, and construction. With over 400 employees and covering an area of 200 acres, the company has three production bases including a high-speed highway and railway sound barrier production base, an isolation fence, protective fence, anti-dazzle net, windproof and dust suppression net, guardrail plate, and barbed wire production base, and a design and research production base for building aluminum formwork.

In recent years, Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd.’s scale has continued to expand. The introduction of independently developed high-speed soundproof panel forming machines and high-speed soundproof panel single panel forming machine sets has filled the gap in the domestic transportation safety field. Its guardrail products are widely used in industries such as highways, expressways, elevated composite roads, and noise reduction for other noise sources.

To expand production capacity, the company has introduced multiple advanced production lines and built a new modern production base covering a total area of 250 acres to meet the rapidly growing domestic market demand.

“Over the past decade, the company has invested nearly 12 million yuan each year in scientific and technological research and development and equipment updates. Such investment is worthwhile!” said Lu Qianli, General Manager of Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd. Relying on the research and production of sound barriers, the company has embarked on a path of sound development—venturing into the equity market and exporting products to countries such as Canada and Australia. Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd. holds 29 national patents and has participated in the formulation and revision of local standards such as the “General Technical Requirements for Metal Sound Barriers” in Hebei Province. It has been honored with titles such as National High-tech SMEs, National Sci-tech Little Giant Enterprises, Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers, Provincial Quality Products, Provincial Famous Brand Products for SMEs, Provincial Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprises, and Provincial Industrial Enterprise Research and Development Institutions.

Regarding the company’s future development, Lu Qianli said, “I am very optimistic about the prospects of foreign trade. The company’s foreign trade team consists of more than 20 people, including over a dozen domestic personnel and a team from Singapore.” For overseas business expansion, Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Tech Corp., Ltd. mainly promotes products through Alibaba International Station. Currently, the company’s overseas products mainly consist of two categories—sound barrier products and isolation fences, photovoltaic bracket products.

Post time: May-13-2024

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