Overview Of Photovoltaic Support


Solar energy is one of the most important and abundant basic energy in all kinds of renewable energy. At present, the utilization of solar energy is mainly realized through the conversion of light heat, light electricity, light chemistry and light biomass. The development and utilization process is basically pollution-free and is one of the cleanest and safest energy sources known. Solar power generation is a power generation method that uses the principle of photovoltaic effect and uses solar storage cells to receive solar radiation energy and convert it into electric energy.


Generally speaking, a complete set of photovoltaic power generation system usually includes photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic supports, inverters, combiner boxes and other components. Among them, photovoltaic support is a metal structure support specially used to support solar modules in photovoltaic power generation system. It is an important component in the construction of photovoltaic power generation system. It is a product designed and manufactured for installing solar photovoltaic modules according to the geographical and climatic characteristics of the installation site, local building codes and local geological and building characteristics. According to the different mobility, the photovoltaic support can be divided into fixed photovoltaic support, adjustable photovoltaic support and tracking photovoltaic support. Among them, the fixed / adjustable photovoltaic support has been relatively mature in technology and is similar in structural design and cost composition. It is the mainstream product in the current market; Due to the need to achieve stable automatic tracking to Japan under normal conditions, the technical requirements of tracking photovoltaic support are relatively high. At present, relevant technologies and products are mainly mastered by foreign developed countries and regions.


In the long-term power generation process of photovoltaic power generation system, safety and reliability is the primary factor of photovoltaic power generation system. The good mounting bracket has high stability and is not easy to deform. It can effectively prevent glass cracking and cell cracking. At the same time, it can ensure the best installation angle of solar modules and improve the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system; With high corrosion resistance and reliability, it can adapt to various harsh environments such as wind, sand, rain and snow, and ensure the long-term stable and safe operation of photovoltaic power generation system.


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Post time: May-24-2022

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