The performance of Hebei Xinlianxin Art Troupe at the JINBIAO cultural event in Hebei Province.

On March 29th, under the bright sunshine and gentle spring breeze, the Hebei Xinlianxin Art Troupe stepped onto the stage of the JINBIAO Art Show in Hebei, bringing a remarkable cultural feast to the vast workers of JINBIAO. It allowed the workers to combine work and leisure, gathering together in their spare time to enjoy this rare moment of relaxation and appreciate an outstanding performance.


The entire show kicked off in a warm atmosphere, with the grand dance “Beautiful Hebei” quickly igniting the enthusiasm of the audience with its majestic momentum and graceful dance moves. Dressed in splendid costumes, the dancers elegantly showcased the beauty of Hebei’s landscapes and rich culture, earning rounds of applause from the audience. Following that, the dance “Blooming Pomegranate Flowers” won the audience’s applause with its unique ethnic charm and delicate performance techniques.

Subsequently, a stirring song “China, Charge Forward!” echoed throughout the venue, as the singers expressed their love for the motherland and their hopeful visions for the future through their voices. The instrumental ensemble “Early Spring” then treated the audience to an auditory feast with its melodious tunes and exquisite skills. The comic sketch “Dragons Soar, Tigers Laugh” amused the audience, reaching a climax of laughter.


Additionally, classic excerpts from traditional operas were performed one after another, showcasing the unique charm and profound cultural heritage of Hebei’s opera art. These programs not only displayed the rich and diverse culture of Hebei but also embodied the spirit of the times and the vitality of development.

Throughout the entire performance, the audience’s applause and cheers were continuous, fully demonstrating their love and appreciation for this cultural feast. After the show, many workers expressed that this cultural event not only enriched their leisure time but also made them feel the care and love from the Provincial Propaganda Department and County Committee towards the vast workers.


The performance by the Hebei Xinlianxin Art Troupe not only brought a visual and auditory feast to the vast workers of JINBIAO but also facilitated spiritual exchange and cultural inheritance. It allowed the workers to feel the charm of art and the power of culture amidst their busy work schedules, injecting new vitality and motivation into their work and lives.

Post time: Apr-27-2024

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