What are the processes for making sound barriers?

Sound barriers can be widely used in various fields. As long as there is noise, it will appear. What are the processes for making sound barriers? Let me talk about the sound barrier below.

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At present, the application of noise barrier has the following problems and deficiencies: aerodynamic noise and the interaction of aerodynamics (train wind) generated by high-speed vehicles, especially high-speed trains, and impervious noise barrier walls affect structural safety and noise control, greatly reducing The noise reduction effect. The structure of the guardrail cannot be adjusted according to the actual situation.

The manufacturing process of sound insulation barriers is still outstanding, and they have certain anti-ultraviolet function. Even the surface of the entire resistor board has been processed by high-tech, and there are special processes to ensure the stability of the UV of the product itself. Moreover, such The product has long-term weather resistance. After a long period of use, it can maintain the optical properties of the entire product, and is not even susceptible to UV or other factors. Therefore, such materials can be applied to a range of other buildings, which is more suitable for the use of advertising materials.

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The weight of the sound barrier manufacturing process is relatively light. Compared with the ordinary glass thickness of 1/12, the thickness of the inner solid plate is 1/2 of the same glass thickness, because the quality of the whole material is very light, and it is not easy in actual processing. Broken, so that it can highlight its own installation performance, and even effectively save installation costs.

The noise barrier process is also very good, the whole product has certain impact resistance, they can better highlight their impact resistance, and the durability of the whole product has good impact resistance. The temperature range is between -40 ° C and 120 ° C. The overall performance can be better highlighted and also has some flame retardancy. No gas, no fire drops.

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