A complete design scheme for constructing sound barrier of urban viaduct in provincial capitals.

The provincial capital city develops rapidly, builds the city viaduct many, every day the traffic flow is very big, brings the noise very disturbing people! In view of environmental noise pollution caused by the construction or operation of ground traffic facilities in China, sound barriers should be set up to protect noise-sensitive buildings. Therefore, the jinan municipal public utilities bureau, together with technical personnel of jinan municipal design institute, carried out surveys on the road sections adjacent to the viaduct of residential buildings and planned to install sound barriers. First of all, the location of viaduct sound barrier installation is determined. Viaducts are often equipped with balustrades. noise barrier-10The installation location sets the sound barrier outside the balustrades and fixes it by planting concrete bars at the bottom of the balustrades. Secondly, it is necessary to consider the load bearing and wind load bearing of the viaduct sound barrier project. The horizontal wind load borne by the sound barrier will cause the transverse bending moment of the bridge panel, the main beam torque and support reaction force, and the transverse bending moment of the bridge pier, etc. In the case of high wind speed, sound barrier height greater than 4 meters and small thickness of cantilever plate, the effect of wind load on cantilever plate must be considered. Finally, a complete design scheme is made based on it. Viaduct sound barrier design scheme includes: such as the length of the sound barrier, the height of the sound barrier, viaduct sound barrier material selection.

Post time: Feb-19-2020

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