How much do you know about installing highway noise barriers?

Road sound barrier materials, strength, technology, etc. shall be inspected on-site in accordance with relevant inspection standards. Check the installation quality, external dimensions and effect of the road noise insulation wall.

 The materials, strength and workmanship of road sound barriers shall be inspected on site according to relevant inspection standards. Check the installation quality, external dimensions and effects of highway sound insulation walls, and carry out quality inspection in accordance with “Environmental Protection Sound Barrier Quality Standards” in “Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standards for Highway Engineering”. The details are as follows:

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First, the depth of the foundation and the quality of the material meet the design requirements.

II. The specifications and materials of metal columns shall not be lower than the design requirements.

3. When shipping, loading and unloading trucks with metal uprights, couplings, and sound barriers, reliable measures should be taken to prevent deformation or damage to the anticorrosive treatment layer during transportation. Never install deformed components.

Four, the fixing bolts are fastened, the position is correct, the number meets the design requirements, and the head is flat and free of honeycomb and hemp.

Fifth, the joint between the screen and the foundation must be dense and meet the design requirements.

26. The welding materials and fasteners used in highway sound insulation walls must meet the design requirements and current standards. Welding shall be free from cracks, unmelted, slag inclusions and underfilled arc pit defects.

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