How to prevent noise reduction from noise reduction sound insulation barrier?

Today’s living noise is a problem that we are more troublesome. So how can we prevent the noise reduction of the noise-reducing sound barrier? Let me talk about this knowledge for everyone.

Sound barrier

The noise reduction and sound insulation barrier screen splicing is in the gap sealing between the screen body and the foundation and the column. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the splicing and prevent the noise leakage of the noise reduction sound barrier, the following three requirements must be met:

1. The lifting and positioning of the screen should be accurate. When the rope is removed, the concave and convex grooves between the plates must be matched, and the impact force of the upper and lower plates should be minimized to prevent damage to the edges and edges.

2. Before installing the screen body, the soft sealing material should be attached to the inner side of the screen body to avoid the hard connection between the screen body and the column. It is necessary to meet the gap between the column and the screen body, and the sound barrier of the viaduct is separated. Quote, but also to ensure that no hard connection resonance occurs.

3. Both sides of the bottom seam between the screen body and the foundation are sealed with M5 mortar. The mortar is about 1:2 to ensure the stability of the mortar, increase the sound insulation thickness of the mortar, and reduce the hidden trouble of sound insulation to a greater extent.

Material: metal: aluminum plate, galvanized plate, color steel plate, etc.;

Non-metal: FRP, (transparent material): pc endurance board, laminated glass, acrylic board, sun board, etc.;

Hole type: louver type and micro-perforated type.

Surface treatment: fully automatic electrostatic spraying (can spray various colors as needed);

Highway sound barrier features:

1. Large sound insulation: The average sound insulation is 37dB.

2. High sound absorption coefficient: average sound absorption coefficient is 0.85;

3, weathering durability: highway sound barrier has water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance and other characteristics, will not cause performance degradation or quality abnormalities due to rain water temperature changes. Beautiful appearance: You can choose a variety of colors and shapes to match the surrounding environment.

Post time: Oct-24-2019

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