How to resolve railway noise? There is a detail on both sides of the rail.

How to resolve railway noise? There is a detail on both sides of the rail.

The Spring Festival has just passed, everyone is immersed in the joy of the New Year. In the Spring Festival, we need to take an indispensable means of transportation - the train. When the wanderer away from home is on the train returning home, we may be in a hurry, and we can't wait to have wings and fly home. In this case, we tend to ignore a problem that is the noise generated when the train starts.
In fact, the railroad tracks often pass through the places where the residents live, so that the noise generated will have an impact on the residents. Over time, it will cause harm to the human body.
So how do we control these noises? In fact, there are details on both sides of the railroad track. I don't know if you have noticed it. The following small series will reveal the secret to you.

Xiaobian accidentally discovered this detail on the way home, but in fact, there is a short "wall" on both sides of the rail. It is not an ordinary "wall". Its name is called the railway sound barrier. The sound barrier generally has two functions, one is sound insulation and the other is sound absorption. Railway sound barriers are generally modular, both sound absorbing and soundproof.
The railway sound barrier can form disturbances during the sound propagation process, thereby reducing the noise value and ensuring a good living environment for the surrounding residents.

The railway sound barrier generally adopts a metal panel with holes on the panel to enable noise to enter the interior of the sound barrier; the interior is filled with sound absorbing materials, and diffuse reflection occurs when noise enters, thereby attracting the purpose.
The railway sound barrier also has a combination of transparent styles, with transparent materials added in the middle, so that passengers on the train can better view the scenery on both sides, and the sound and noise reduction while taking into account the beautiful and generous functions.

The above is an introduction to railway noise control. As long as you pay attention to it, you can find that the sound barrier is widely used and is common in our lives. Meet the noise early treatment, double standard sound barrier I wish you happy every day!

Post time: Feb-14-2019

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