Mechanical noise control scheme

Nowadays, no matter in the community, factories, shopping malls and other places, there are machines. However, as the noise generated by its operation is too big, mechanical noise management has become one of the impornoise barrier (12)tant social problems. How to control mechanical noise? Cooling tower sound barrier
The process of solving noise pollution problem mechanically is as follows:
1. Conduct on-site noise survey first.
2. Measure the noise level and noise spectrum of the site,
3. Determine the permissible noise level on site according to the relevant environmental standards,
4. The noise reduction amount is determined according to the difference between the field measured value and the allowable noise level.
5. Develop a technically feasible and economically reasonable control plan.
The control measures to solve the noise transmission path mechanically mainly include the following aspects:
(1) the energy of the sound in the propagation decays with the increase of distance. Therefore, the purpose of noise reduction can be achieved by moving away from the noise source.
(2) the acoustic radiation is generally directional, and the acoustic intensity received is different when it is located at the same distance from the sound source but in different directions. Most sound sources are frequency radiation
When the noise, directivity is very poor, with the increase of frequency, directivity increases. Therefore, controlling the propagation direction of noise (including changing the emission direction of sound source) is to reduce
Noise especially high frequency noise effective measures.
(3) build sound barriers or use natural barriers (soil slopes, hills) and other sound insulation materials and structures to block the transmission of noise.
(4) apply sound absorbing material and sound absorbing structure to convert the noise in transmission into heat energy.
Mechanical noise control scheme:
The main sources of mechanical noise are fan noise, spray noise, reducer and motor noise, pump noise, friction noise of parts, etc.
1. Muffler: the muffler is installed in the inlet and outlet of the cooling tower exhaust fan to effectively control the noise.
2. Sound insulation hood: noise from inlet and exhaust of cooling tower, noise from dripping water, mechanical noise from reduction gear and motor can be installed to control the noise
Noise reduction under the hood.
3. Use muffler pad: the muffler pad is placed on the lower tower of the cooling tower supported by metal mesh or placed on the water receiving tray, which can reduce the noise of pouring water.
4. Others. (sound isolation and shock absorption measures can be added according to the actual situation)
Special attention: in the cooling tower noise management at the same time, according to the field conditions to fully consider the cooling tower ventilation needs, to ensure the safety of noise reduction equipment.
Noise reduction principle of mechanical sound barrier:
An acoustic barrier is a specially designed acoustic barrier between the noise source and the receiving point
Domain) designed.
The noise reduction effect of the sound barrier is expressed in terms of insertion loss IL and is defined as the installation of sound without changing the noise source, topography, topography, ground and meteorological conditions
The difference in sound pressure levels between the front and back of the barrier at a particular location.
When a mechanical sound wave hits an acoustic barrier, it travels along three paths: one over the top and sides of the barrier to reach the target point, and one over
Through the sound barrier to the sound point, part of the sound barrier wall reflection. The insertion loss of sound barrier mainly depends on the sound waves emitted by the sound source along these three paths
Sound energy distribution of propagation. The schematic diagram of the propagation path of sound waves is shown in figure l.
Jinbiao mechanical noise control advantages:
1. The mechanical sound barrier is customized and personalized according to the site environment.
2, the use of building materials, filled with sound insulation materials, to achieve good sound insulation and shock absorption effect, can effectively control the cost of governance.
3. In order to completely solve the problem of cooling tower noise, jinbiao company has been focusing on the research and practice of “mechanical noise management” for many years, and tailor-made mechanical noise synthesis for users
Combined governance solutions.
4. As one of the benchmark enterprises in the production base of northern sound barrier, jinbiao has a professional production team and installation team.
Gold standard company attaches importance to every link from materials to packaging transport has a person responsible for, gold standard company staff, has been running in the change, is to make customers more secure, more assured.
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