What should I pay attention to when designing bridge sound barrier load insulation?

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Now, if there is no special scene requirement, the upper part of the sound barrier is generally arranged by the vertical column and the sound insulation (sound absorption) data board in the direction of the extension of the expressway. The column plays the role of support, and the sound insulation (sound absorption) information board It is fixed between the two columns. Columns can be used for steel columns or concrete columns according to practical requirements. Nowadays, domestic and foreign steel columns are used more and more.

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In addition to considering the load of the structure itself, the accounting load should focus on the impact of the severe weather in the area where the project is located on the additional loads generated by the structure, such as hurricanes, heavy rain, and blizzard. Wind loads are the most widespread in all regions of the country and have a greater impact on the sound barrier. Therefore, in the structural design, the local climate data and historical wind speed should be collected for nearly 10 years, and the sound barrier should be calculated according to the frequency of 50 years. Wind load.

Post time: Nov-04-2019

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