Why are road sound barriers mostly curved?


We have seen a variety of sound barriers, ranging from upright, folding arms to curved ones, which are generally common. The most common one is the metal arc sound barrier. The municipal engineering project is very fond of this product. For this reason, many people may not understand why this is the case. Today, the small series of Hebei Jinbiao will come to explain to you:



  In fact, the sound barrier pattern directly affects the noise reduction effect of the sound barrier. In order not to increase the cost of the sound barrier engineering and improve the noise reduction effect of the sound barrier, the sound barrier pattern often adopts an arc shape, and the arc sound barrier can be divided into a large arc shape and a small shape. There are three types of curved and top curved sound barriers.


  The large arc-shaped sound barrier means that both the column and the screen body become large arcs. Such sound barriers are expensive and technically demanding. At present, there are relatively few roads used in China. The small curved sound barrier is that the screen body and the column are both small curved, the curvature is less than 45 degrees, and the screen body is processed by the mold, which is formed once, and the sound absorption effect is good.

  The top arc-shaped sound barrier, when the noise passes through the top, the sound can be diffracted to increase the noise reduction effect. The sound barrier is based on the upright type sound barrier, the top of the column is an arc-shaped column, and the screen body is small arc, the whole Particularly beautiful.


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Post time: Sep-11-2019

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